Building for a Cure brick by brick


We joined forces with McDonald Jones Homes and Walker Corporation to undertake an extraordinary challenge – building a house in 28 days.


Science’s night of glamour at Eureka Prizes


From lab gown to ball gown, virus protection suit to three-piece suit – scientists sparkled in their finery at the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes last night.

'2017 Eureka Prizes - the winners

Eureka! Prof Michelle Haber a finalist in Australian science’s Oscars


We’re proud to share the news that our Executive Director is in the running for a 2017 Australian Museum Eureka Prize.

'Professor Michelle Haber AM, Executive Director

Emerging researchers: Dan Carter, project leader


In the final post in our three-part series about emerging researchers, Dr Dan Carter talks about making discoveries that contribute towards a cure.


PhD scholarships for tomorrow’s research leaders


Planning on a PhD in biomedical research? We have four prestigious scholarships on offer for the best and brightest.

'PhD students in the lab

Changing the future for children with brain cancer


Brain tumours are among the deadliest childhood cancers and Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) one of the most aggressive. But we’re making progress in the search for effective treatments.

'Researchers in the laboratory

Kicking goals for brain cancer research


An award for our brain cancer team recognises research into one of the nastiest childhood cancers. Our team will test potential new treatments on tiny soccer balls of cells.


Neuroblastoma treatment search: polyamine puzzles and beyond


We're starving neuroblastoma of polyamines with drug DFMO. But there won't be just one cure for such a diverse disease.


$6.6M for much-needed neuroblastoma research


Better targeted therapies for neuroblastoma are desperately needed. They’re now a step closer.


It’s an honour: Achievers in childhood cancer research


As Australia Day looms, we reflect on the achievements of our founders and research leaders who, in past years, were awarded Australian honours.