We’ve created our road map for the next five years


We’ve just launched our Strategic Plan for 2018–2022. The culmination of months of consultation and thought, it provides a road map for achieving our vision as quickly as possible.


How specific DNA ‘microdeletions’ help predict leukaemia relapse


If doctors can reliably tell which children are most likely to get their leukaemia back, they can offer more intensive treatment options to prevent it.

'Associate Professor Rosemary Sutton

How do clinical trials work?


Clinical trials are an essential step in translational research - taking a promising new anti-cancer treatment from bench to bedside.

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Awareness Wednesday: going into the clinic


In this third post in our series for Childhood Cancer Awareness month, you’ll see how experimental treatments emerge from the lab and get into use in the clinic.

'Mother holding a baby's hand during treatment

Zero Childhood Cancer personalised medicine clinical trial launched


Today marked the opening of the national clinical trial for Zero Childhood Cancer, with about 400 children with high-risk cancers expected to participate over the next 3 years.

'Federal Health Minister, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, meets Ava and her mum Sherie in the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

Neuroblastoma treatment search: polyamine puzzles and beyond


We're starving neuroblastoma of polyamines with drug DFMO. But there won't be just one cure for such a diverse disease.


An Aussie anti-cancer drug success story


Venetoclax has been approved by the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) to treat an adult leukaemia. Could it one day treat childhood leukaemia?

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We need better treatment for childhood cancer, with fewer side effects


Why is targeted treatment so vital for childhood cancer and what are the barriers to getting there? An article from The Conversation by two of our researcher-clinicians.

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Awareness Wednesday: Neuroblastoma


Find out more about the childhood cancer neuroblastoma, see what’s new in research into this disease and meet a neuroblastoma researcher


Building a future for kids with cancer


A project to build a house in 21 days is also building awareness of childhood cancer research.

'Doctor and scientist with cancer patient