Add some science to your summer reading


If you’re planning on chilling out this summer with a good book, maybe we can help. Find out just how fascinating science can be with these great reads.


The microbe that started a revolution


A tiny, heat-loving microbe is at the centre of the genomics revolution. It plays a vital role in the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a technique that has transformed life sciences research.


Science achievers forever tall, forever young


This week, science stars gathered at a dinner for 50+ past, present and (hopefully) future Tall Poppy Award winners from NSW.

'Maria Kavallaris speaking at the 2016 Tall Poppy NSW Alumni Dinner

It’s our party: 40 years of research


At the anniversary celebration of Children's Cancer Institute, Executive Director Professor Michelle Haber AM reflected on the journey to one day curing children's cancer.

'Institute Patron Marie Bashir, Jack Kasses, Michelle Haber and John Lough at the Institute's 40th anniversary celebrations

Dads make a difference


This Father's Day we pay tribute to two amazing dads who made a difference for kids with cancer.

'cheque presentation