A global effort to improve childhood cancer treatment


A database of genetic information of more than 270 cancer models, encompassing 25 different childhood cancers, has just been made publicly available. Children’s Cancer Institute contributed 90 leukaemia models to this global effort.

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Potential leukaemia drug excites international researchers


We presented exciting results from preclinical drug testing at a cancer conference this week in the US.

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PhD scholarships for tomorrow’s research leaders


Planning on a PhD in biomedical research? We have four prestigious scholarships on offer for the best and brightest.

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Glowing report: firefly gene shows hidden leukaemia cells


A test that makes drug-resistant leukaemia cells glow could reveal a brighter future for developing new leukaemia therapies.

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An Aussie anti-cancer drug success story


Venetoclax has been approved by the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) to treat an adult leukaemia. Could it one day treat childhood leukaemia?

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Kids’ cancer a priority


Children’s cancers are a focus for three priority-driven research grants announced this week by Cancer Australia.


Targeting high-risk leukaemia subtypes


A study published this month shows venetoclax could successfully target high-risk leukaemia subtypes in infants or children. Clinical trials are planned.

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Awareness Wednesday: Leukaemia


Find out about the most common childhood cancer, leukaemia, and the progress medical research is making in the search for a cure.

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