How specific DNA ‘microdeletions’ help predict leukaemia relapse


If doctors can reliably tell which children are most likely to get their leukaemia back, they can offer more intensive treatment options to prevent it.

'Associate Professor Rosemary Sutton

Sights set on an aggressive childhood leukaemia


Our latest research is providing ammunition to target the rare but aggressive MLLr leukaemia subtype.

'Mother holding a baby's hand during treatment

The microbe that started a revolution


A tiny, heat-loving microbe is at the centre of the genomics revolution. It plays a vital role in the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a technique that has transformed life sciences research.


New leukaemia subtype found by DNA test


A previously unknown subgroup of high-risk leukaemia in children has been revealed with a new, more accurate DNA test.


Awareness Wednesday: Leukaemia


Find out about the most common childhood cancer, leukaemia, and the progress medical research is making in the search for a cure.

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Building a future for kids with cancer


A project to build a house in 21 days is also building awareness of childhood cancer research.

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