Tracking cancer with gold-coated nanoparticles


Research published this week shows that gold-coated nanoparticles can be used to detect tiny amounts of cancer-related molecules in blood.


Let’s talk about nanomedicine


The 9th International Nanomedicine Conference was held last week in Coogee, Sydney. Some of our researchers were there, showcasing their research and networking with colleagues from near and far.

'cells containing green fluorescently-labelled nanoparticles

It’s in the delivery: researchers find a new way to target neuroblastoma


Our researchers have used a tiny drug delivery vehicle to kill neuroblastoma cells without harming normal tissues.


VR helps scientists ‘walk’ through cancer cells together


Ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) technology is allowing multiple scientists to see inside a human cell at the same time.

'Nanoparticle landing on a cancer cell in virtual reality simulation. Credit: Prof John McGhee, UNSW

PhD scholarships for tomorrow’s research leaders


Planning on a PhD in biomedical research? We have four prestigious scholarships on offer for the best and brightest.

'PhD students in the lab

Explainer: what is nanomedicine and how can it improve childhood cancer treatment?


This article, originally published in The Conversation, tells how nanomedicine packages and delivers cancer drugs where they’re needed.

'Nanoparticles deliver siRNA to medulloblastoma cells

Skeletons in cancer fight


Cell skeletons have been anti-cancer drug targets since the 1950s. Research suggests new ways to target them, says Dr Amelia Parker in Australasian Science this month.

'Cytoskeleton in cell

Special delivery: nanomedicine on target


Many anti-cancer drugs are highly toxic to patients. About 70% of childhood cancer survivors experience some side-effects from their treatment.


Meet our researchers: Prof Maria Kavallaris


After the recent Oznanomed conference in Sydney, Prof Maria Kavallaris shares her big vision for the ‘little things’ in science and how they are heading toward better cancer treatments.