New imaging method could help treat and monitor neuroblastoma


Our researchers have developed a method to measure the amount of copper inside neuroblastoma tumours. Published in the journal Theranostics, it offers a potential tool for treating and monitoring neuroblastoma.


Tracking cancer with gold-coated nanoparticles


Research published this week shows that gold-coated nanoparticles can be used to detect tiny amounts of cancer-related molecules in blood.


Reining in a runaway gene in neuroblastoma


Our scientists have found a way to rein in a cancer-causing gene called MYCN and slow down the growth of the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

'cells with the normal amount of the MYCN gene (left), and cells with multiple copies of MYCN (right)

It’s in the delivery: researchers find a new way to target neuroblastoma


Our researchers have used a tiny drug delivery vehicle to kill neuroblastoma cells without harming normal tissues.


How specific DNA ‘microdeletions’ help predict leukaemia relapse


If doctors can reliably tell which children are most likely to get their leukaemia back, they can offer more intensive treatment options to prevent it.

'Associate Professor Rosemary Sutton

How we’re stopping neuroblastoma’s blood supply in its tracks


Blood vessels supply the fuel needed for rapid tumour growth and spread. But what happens when the network is disrupted?

'Dr Orazio Vittorio discusses his research with SBS journalist Michelle Rimmer

Sights set on an aggressive childhood leukaemia


Our latest research is providing ammunition to target the rare but aggressive MLLr leukaemia subtype.

'Mother holding a baby's hand during treatment

Childhood cancers defy current understanding


A surprising discovery transforms our thinking about one of the ‘universal features’ of cancer.


New leukaemia subtype found by DNA test


A previously unknown subgroup of high-risk leukaemia in children has been revealed with a new, more accurate DNA test.


Joining the dots to find neuroblastoma drug target


By looking at DNA-packing proteins, we identified a new drug target for neuroblastoma called DOT1L. See how we joined the dots.

'96-well plate in lab for testing