Meet a Researcher: Q&A with Dr Alvin Kamili


Dr Alvin Kamili is Preclinical Drug Testing Core Team Leader in the Zero Childhood Cancer personalised medicine program. He tells us about his role and the challenges he’s solving in the lead-up to the program’s national clinical trial.

'Dr Alvin Kamili at work in the lab

Innovation for new childhood cancer drugs and treatments


We’re showing innovation leaders our world-class expertise and technology for tailoring treatments for childhood cancer at a business event today.

'drug discovery centre

Zero Childhood Cancer program takes shape


After the PM's gift last week to Zero Childhood Cancer, our Manager of Personalised Medicine, Vanessa Tyrrell, spoke about how the program is progressing.

'PM and Health Minister visit Kids Cancer Centre for Zero Childhood Cancer

Awareness Wednesday: Neuroblastoma


Find out more about the childhood cancer neuroblastoma, see what’s new in research into this disease and meet a neuroblastoma researcher


New HQ for child cancer personalised medicine


Fresh from farewelling Australia's Paralympic team, on Friday the Governor-General opened the new ACRF Child Cancer Personalised Medicine Centre at Children’s Cancer Institute.

'The Governor-General tours labs at opening of ACRF Child Cancer Personalised Medicine Centre

Cancer’s secret under the spotlight


Cancer cells have a secret of eternal youth. Scientists are uncovering their secrets.

'Authors Arndt and MacKenzie