Meet new Team Leader, Dr Charles de Bock


Last year we recruited our first two Team Leaders in a newly created role. One of them was Dr Charles de Bock. He was working in Belgium at the time but has since returned to Australia, and he took up the Team Leader position last month. Let’s find out something about him.


Lexie’s Christmas


Without treatment, Lexie had two weeks to live. Overnight she became ‘the kid with cancer’.

'Lexie asleep in hospital

Meet a Researcher: Q&A with Biljana Dumevska


Biljana Dumevska is the Laboratory Operations Coordinator in our Personalised Medicine team. With the national launch of the Zero Childhood Cancer personalised medicine clinical trial in September, there’s plenty to coordinate.


When I grow up, I want to cure cancer


PhD student Ashleigh Fordham tells how her mum's diagnosis with breast cancer was the catalyst for her future career - a scientist curing cancer.

'PhD student Ashleigh Fordham now and (inset) at age 5

Meet a scientist keeping drug discovery robots in line


Karessa Mercado keeps our ACRF Drug Discovery Centre, with its state-of-the-art robotics, running smoothly.

'Karessa Mercado in ACRF Drug Discovery Centre - image credit: Amanda Hoh, ABC

Help Bec reach her target


A Newcastle teenager, who has cancer herself, set an ambitious target to raise funds to help a child with cancer access an innovative personalised medicine program.

'Bec is crowdfunding to raise funds for a child with cancer to access personalised medicine

Emerging researchers: Dan Carter, project leader


In the final post in our three-part series about emerging researchers, Dr Dan Carter talks about making discoveries that contribute towards a cure.


Meet a Researcher: Q&A with Dr Alvin Kamili


Dr Alvin Kamili is Preclinical Drug Testing Core Team Leader in the Zero Childhood Cancer personalised medicine program. He tells us about his role and the challenges he’s solving in the lead-up to the program’s national clinical trial.

'Dr Alvin Kamili at work in the lab

Taking a walk inside a cancer cell


Researchers are known to immerse themselves in their science but, as Dr Amelia Parker found, Virtual Reality (VR) takes that notion to a whole new level.

'A/Prof John McGhee (UNSW) with Dr Amelia Parker in 3D Visualisation Lab using virtual reality to explore cancer cells

It’s an honour: Achievers in childhood cancer research


As Australia Day looms, we reflect on the achievements of our founders and research leaders who, in past years, were awarded Australian honours.