Students retreat to discuss their research and careers


Our PhD students stopped their experiments and ‘retreated’ from the lab for two days last week. The annual Student Retreat is an opportunity to share experiences, learn new skills and think about the future.


Proud of our PhD students


This week our higher degree students presented their research at the 5th annual UNSW Paediatric Research Week.


We’ll see you write


Our annual Manuscript Writing Workshop is in full swing, helping our young scientists communicate their research effectively.

'Manuscript Writing Workshop 2017

Coding classes for kids’ cancer researchers


Coding is not just for tech nerds in jeans and backwards-facing baseball caps. Some of our researchers have been learning coding to speed up their research.

'A volcano plot shows differential expression of genes

Innovation for new childhood cancer drugs and treatments


We’re showing innovation leaders our world-class expertise and technology for tailoring treatments for childhood cancer at a business event today.

'drug discovery centre

Lab to lectern: PhD student symposium


Gene translocations, immunotherapy approaches and reducing cancer drug resistance were among the topics presented by our PhD students during UNSW Paediatric Research Week.

'Group shot from PhD student retreat 2016

Consumer engagement: When parents are research partners


When researchers and consumers work together, children's cancer research is better focused on families' needs

'Dr Toby Trahair speaking at Consumer Meet and Greet session

The write stuff


We’re running a series of manuscript workshops to help our young scientists effectively communicate their science.

'workshop participants seated round a table