Awareness Wednesday: Immunotherapy


This week we’re looking at immunotherapy. Harnessing the power of the immune system against cancer is yielding some amazing results. So what are the promises and challenges of immunotherapy?


Awareness Wednesday: Cancer Genomics


This week we’re exploring cancer genomics. What is it, why is it important, and how can we use it to improve cancer treatment?

'gene chromosomes in 3D

A lasting legacy for childhood cancer research


Helena Wylie, Director of the Dalwood-Wylie Charitable Foundation, recently dropped by to see a new piece of essential equipment purchased by the Foundation.

'Helena Wylie and her daughter Bianca standing beside a biological safety cabinet

A very techie Christmas


We’ve already started opening our presents. Christmas has come early as new technologies take their place in our labs, promising to speed up childhood cancer research.

'Single cell sequencer on lab bench

How do clinical trials work?


Clinical trials are an essential step in translational research - taking a promising new anti-cancer treatment from bench to bedside.

'Running happy kids in green field during summer time

Meet a scientist keeping drug discovery robots in line


Karessa Mercado keeps our ACRF Drug Discovery Centre, with its state-of-the-art robotics, running smoothly.

'Karessa Mercado in ACRF Drug Discovery Centre - image credit: Amanda Hoh, ABC

Coding classes for kids’ cancer researchers


Coding is not just for tech nerds in jeans and backwards-facing baseball caps. Some of our researchers have been learning coding to speed up their research.

'A volcano plot shows differential expression of genes

The microbe that started a revolution


A tiny, heat-loving microbe is at the centre of the genomics revolution. It plays a vital role in the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a technique that has transformed life sciences research.


Taking a walk inside a cancer cell


Researchers are known to immerse themselves in their science but, as Dr Amelia Parker found, Virtual Reality (VR) takes that notion to a whole new level.

'A/Prof John McGhee (UNSW) with Dr Amelia Parker in 3D Visualisation Lab using virtual reality to explore cancer cells

Big data wrangling: Bioinformatics and cancer research


The Human Genome Project was just the beginning. We asked bioinformatician Chelsea Mayoh why big data wrangling is a growth area in medical research.

'Chelsea Mayoh, bioinformatician