Nanomedicine for brain cancer – a world of possibilities


During Brain Cancer Awareness month, let’s take the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of nanomedicine. What is it, and what could it mean for kids with brain cancers like medulloblastoma?


Dr Angelica Merlot awarded 2019 NSW Young Woman of the Year


Dr Angelica Merlot, an NHMRC, CINSW and Scientia Research Fellow in our Tumour Biology and Targeting Program, has been named 2019 NSW Young Woman of the Year.


Meet a Researcher: Q&A with Dr Marion Le Grand


Dr Marion Le Grand is a Research Officer in our Tumour Biology and Targeting Program. She tells us what she does, and why she came all the way from France to do it.

'Marion at the beach

VR helps scientists ‘walk’ through cancer cells together


Ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) technology is allowing multiple scientists to see inside a human cell at the same time.

'Nanoparticle landing on a cancer cell in virtual reality simulation. Credit: Prof John McGhee, UNSW

PhD scholarships for tomorrow’s research leaders


Planning on a PhD in biomedical research? We have four prestigious scholarships on offer for the best and brightest.

'PhD students in the lab

Explainer: what is nanomedicine and how can it improve childhood cancer treatment?


This article, originally published in The Conversation, tells how nanomedicine packages and delivers cancer drugs where they’re needed.

'Nanoparticles deliver siRNA to medulloblastoma cells

Emerging researchers: Amelia Parker, PhD student


In the first in a series of three posts on emerging researchers, we profile Amelia Parker whose PhD research explored cell skeletons and their roles in cancer

'Dr Amelia Parker

Cancer research meeting of minds


In a capital famous for its impressive monuments, last week’s American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting (AACR) was an impressive meeting of minds.


How parents’ insights help my research


Dr Orazio Vittorio explains how working with parents gives his childhood cancer research a reality check.

'Parent and consumer representative Maria Mazzucco with researcher Dr Orazio Vittorio

Taking a walk inside a cancer cell


Researchers are known to immerse themselves in their science but, as Dr Amelia Parker found, Virtual Reality (VR) takes that notion to a whole new level.

'A/Prof John McGhee (UNSW) with Dr Amelia Parker in 3D Visualisation Lab using virtual reality to explore cancer cells