Brydee's Story

Brydee's story

Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

Skye, Brydee's mum Skye, Brydee's mum

Call it ‘mother’s intuition’, but Skye knew something was very wrong when her normally bubbly baby developed an enlarged belly.

meet Brydee

Meet Brydee


The shocking diagnosis would come after several rounds of tests. Doctors found some abnormalities in Brydee’s white blood cells and in early July 2015, Brydee was officially diagnosed with leukaemia.

Brydee Diagnosis


Brydee started her treatment straight away and endured what no infant should: months of grueling chemotherapy.

Brydee Treatment

The nurses were always very happy to see Brydee and would cheer her up. They put ‘too cute’ as one of Brydee’s conditions on her file. She had everyone’s heart.

Skye, Brydee's mumSkye, Brydee's mum

Bone Marrow Transplant

Twelve months after Brydee was diagnosed she was ready to have her bone marrow transplant. She would later develop Graft Vs Host disease – a common complication following bone marrow transplantation.

Brydee Bone Marrow Transplant

Side Effects

After a long and hard journey, Brydee is finally on her way to live the life of a normal baby, but she will have to live with the side-effects of her treatment. Brydee could enter puberty as early as seven and reach menopause as early as 20.


While she’s enormously grateful that her little ‘superhero’ Brydee is in recovery, Skye says she worries about her little girl relapsing every single day.

Brydee Recovery

It’s something I will have to learn how to live with – but I know without research my little girl wouldn’t be here today.

Skye, Brydee's mumSkye, Brydee's mum

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