Clodagh & Maeve's Story

Clodagh & Maeve's story

When the girls found out kids got cancer, they wanted to do something to help find a cure.

Tomasz, Clodagh & Maeve's dad Tomasz, Clodagh & Maeve's dad

Clodagh and Maeve were at Nippers during our Balmoral Swim for Cancer event and heard about childhood cancer. When they got home, they said to their dad Tomasz that they wanted to hold a cake stall to raise money for our research to help cure kids with cancer.

meet Clodagh & Maeve

Meet Clodagh & Maeve


Clodagh made an invitation and asked her Dad to photocopy it so they could tell people about their cake stall. They gave invitations to all their neighbours and school friends.

Clodagh & Maeve Invitation

Baking & fundraising

Clodagh & Maeve's parents and friends pitched in to do all the baking and the stall raised $140 for our research!

Clodagh & Maeve Baking & fundraising

The lunch container of the money they had collected was the most amount of money they had ever seen before!

Tomasz, Clodagh & Maeve's dadTomasz, Clodagh & Maeve's dad

Thank you

The girls came to the Institute in April to collect their thank you certificates, which they're going to take to school for show & tell.

Clodagh & Maeve Thank you

The girls came home ecstatic, very proud of their achievement and new certificates.

Tomasz, Clodagh & Maeve's dadTomasz, Clodagh & Maeve's dad

Every dollar brings us closer

Every dollar raised is funding more critical research that is bringing us closer to a cure for childhood cancer.

We are committed to efficiently managing your donations so the highest possible proportion of funds received goes towards childhood cancer research. Your generous gifts are applied in the most effective way to make sure we are curing children with cancer.

Clodagh & Maeve have brought us one step closer to a cure for childhood cancer - and with your help, we can get there even sooner!

Help us save the lives of all children with cancer and eliminate their suffering

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