Career development

By developing our people, we build our success – so at Children’s Cancer Institute, we’re committed to our staff’s career progression.

Fresh minds are most likely to achieve a breakthrough – which is why I set up the Young Researchers' Fund.


We offer:

  • Career guidance and support
  • Mentoring
  • Skill building workshops

Early-mid career researchers often face significant challenges when establishing themselves as independent researchers. To help with this, we also provide:

  • Assistance with grant and fellowship applications
  • Unique career development opportunities such as the Balnaves Foundation Young Researcher's Fund, which provides a significant leg-up to our top young scientists


Neil Balnaves AO

Neil Balnaves AO

The Balnaves Foundation

"Fresh minds are most likely to achieve a breakthrough – which is why I set up the Young Researchers' Fund."

The Balnaves Foundation’s Young Researcher’s Fund has been supporting Children's Cancer Institute’s ambitious scientists since 2008. Unique to Children's Cancer Institute, the Fund is based on recognising the novel ideas of early career researchers and is designed to provide them the opportunity to diversify their thinking and try something different.

“Young researchers are often faced with a catch-22 – to attract funding from large bodies, their research must be well-recognised and ideally published – but their research can’t be recognised or published without some form of funding,” says Neil Balnaves AO, Founder of The Balnaves Foundation and ex-boss of TV production company Southern Star.

“I believe that youthful, fresh minds are the most likely to achieve an 'out of the box' breakthrough, which is why I established the Fund – to help young scientists get their work recognised to attract funding for longer-term projects."