Dr Anna Mariana


Drug Discovery Centre team

Dr Anna Mariana joined CCIA in 2013 as a Research Officer in the Drug Discovery Centre. She completed her PhD in 2013 at the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), The University of Sydney, under the supervision of Professor Phillip Robinson. Prior to her PhD, Dr Mariana worked for two years as a Research Assistant identifying chemical modulators of dynamin. During her PhD she received training at the ACRF Centre for Kinomics at CMRI on the potential of mass spectrometry (kinomics) to identify ‘off-target’ effects of current therapies and assist in the development of novel therapeutics. Dr Mariana has experience in transient protein expression in insect cells, the use of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology in drug discovery, and the design, development and optimisation of target-based assays for discovering novel therapeutics.