Dr Jamie Fletcher


Research Staff

BMedSc, PhD (USyd)

Dr Fletcher is a Principal Scientist whose research is focused on the childhood solid tumour neuroblastoma and on multidrug resistance proteins, which are frequently highly expressed in this tumour. Children with high-risk neuroblastoma often relapse with incurable, drug resistant disease, resulting in long-term survival rates below 50%.

His aim is to understand the biology of neuroblastoma and to improve patient survival rates through:
• identifying molecular mechanisms underlying drug resistance
• developing small molecule inhibitors targeting drug resistance mechanisms, with particular focus on multidrug resistance proteins
• developing improved pre-clinical testing models for high-risk neuroblastoma, including patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models and models of metastatic disease
• modelling personalised medicine strategies, including molecular profiling and ex vivo drug sensitivity screening

Dr Fletcher's research uses a range of methods including cell biology and tissue culture techniques, high throughput drug screening and preclinical animal models.

Potential Honours and PhD projects include:
• inhibition of multidrug resistance proteins as a therapeutic strategy in paediatric and adult cancers
• modelling personalised medicine strategies in high-risk neuroblastoma

In recognition of his excellence in supervising students, Dr Fletcher received a UNSW 2018 Supervisor Award. Other awards and honours include a 2011 UNSW Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Rising Star Award and a Children's Cancer Institute Award, a 2010 Cancer Institute NSW Career Development & Support Fellowship, a 2008 Balnaves Foundation Young Researcher’s Fund Award and in 2000 an NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellowship at the University of Melbourne.

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