Equipment & technology

Using advanced technology including robotics and a chemical compound library, the Drug Discovery Centre uncovers new possibilities for scientists looking to develop anti-cancer drugs.

CCIA Laboratories, Lowy Institute

Chemical Compound Library:

  • 160,000 diverse novel compounds with drug and lead-like characteristics
  • 3,707 known bioactives and FDA-approved drugs
  • 210 kinase inhibitors
  • 73 targeted agents
  • FDA Approved Oncology Drug Set (distributed by NCI/NIH Drug Therapeutic Program)

Other equipment:

  • instrumentation for high throughput liquid handling/detection and high content screening
  • cutting-edge liquid handling equipment (Hamilton MicroLab STAR and Nimbus automation workstations)
  • plate readers (Molecular Devices SpectraMax)
  • plate washers (Biotek ELx405)
  • liquid dispensers (Thermo Multidrop 384 and Multidrop Combi)
  • extensive data management system (ActivityBase™)
  • integrated high content imaging system