Finding better treatments

Much of our research is focused on developing treatments for children which are more effective, less toxic and have fewer side effects.

Children with cancer are currently treated with adult cancer drugs, because that's all that is available.

finding better treatments

Experimental Therapeutics

Program Head, Professor Michelle Haber AM

Determining therapeutic strategies to treat childhood cancer more effectively.

Leukaemia Biology

Program Head, Professor Richard Lock

Improving the treatment of children with leukaemia through the development of new therapies.

Tumour Biology and Targeting

Program Head, Professor Maria Kavallaris

Understanding and overcoming drug resistance and developing less toxic therapy.

Histone Modification

Group Leader, A/Prof Tao Liu

Understanding gene transcription in cancer formation and developing molecularly targeted cancer therapies.

Brain Tumours

Group Leader, A/Prof David Ziegler

Investigating new treatment strategies for malignant and incurable childhood brain tumours.

Gene Therapeutics and Drug Delivery

Team Leader, A/Prof Josh McCarroll

Developing and optimising the use of non-viral nanoparticles to act as highly efficient delivery vehicles for RNA-based drugs (siRNA, miRNA mimics and inhibitors) to tumour cells.

Functional Genomics of Leukaemia

Team Leader, Dr Charley De Bock

Understanding the functional relationship between multiple co-occurring mutations, to enable the design of intelligent combination approaches for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.