I can change a child’s story with a gift in my Will

The story of a child’s life shouldn’t include cancer.

I can contribute to a hopeful future for children with cancer by leaving a gift in my Will.

holly smith The late Holly Smith
holly smith

Remembering us with a gift in your Will is a generous way to make a big difference in our search for better and safer treatments, and ultimately a cure for childhood cancer.

For every dollar we receive in government grants, we need to raise a dollar from the community. Without this support, we’re unable to undertake the research we know will put an end to childhood cancer.

Our supporters come from all parts of the community across Australia. Their gifts, however modest or extensive, give hope for a future in which we will cure every child of cancer.

You can be part of the cure for childhood cancer.

Our community of children, parents, researchers, clinicians and donors share our determination for success. With their support, we will cure childhood cancer

professor michelle haber amprofessor michelle haber am

Making a Gift in your Will

Follow the step by step guide below to making your gift to the Children’s Cancer Institute:


The late Holly Smith

The late Holly Smith


"There is hope for better, safer treatments for childhood cancer – and I can contribute to this future by leaving a gift in my Will."

I can contribute to the development of preventive and curative treatments for childhood cancer by leaving a donation to the Institute in my Will.

With the help from more bequestors like me, I am certain we will soon achieve a survival rate of 100 per cent.