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It occurs in different tissues, behaves differently and requires differently tailored treatments.

That’s why we need research that focuses on finding a cure for every child.

With your regular support, we can find the cure that will save lives.

“Jayden is with us today because of research. Ten years ago there would have been nothing his doctors could have done. We need to continue supporting research, because children are still dying.” LEISL, JAYDEN’S MUM

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Today 8 out of 10 children survive cancer. But sadly, nearly three children and adolescents die each week from the disease in Australia. We believe this is three too many, and we know you agree.

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If you wish to cancel, defer or alter a regular debit payment you can notify us by calling 1800 685 686 or emailing at least 7 days before your next donation day. Please provide details of your donation agreement, such as name, address, or supporter number, etc, for ease of processing.

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It’s happening right now. The very best researchers, with bold ideas and cutting-edge technology, world-class facilities and absolute determination, are working to stop childhood cancer. Research is the best chance we’ve got.