Trusts and foundations

Children’s Cancer Institute is supported by a number of philanthropic trusts and foundations that align with our core focus and values.

Each day, Children’s Cancer Institute moves closer to a cure. We have supported them from the very beginning and it’s an honour to be part of this journey.

trusts foundations

Their support has enabled some of our longest standing research programs to make enormous advances in our fight against childhood cancer and a number of new and exciting initiatives have evolved.

We welcome new trusts and foundation partners to join us in our fight against childhood cancer.

Many of trust and foundation partners help us by providing support in the following ways:

Research programs

We are supported through grants tied to specific research programs.  This helps us to continue focusing on world class research as we can attract the best and brightest brains to the Institute. Partners are regularly updated on the progress of the research and are able to visit the labs to see first hand the difference their funding has made. Read more about the research programs funded by The Estate of the Late RT Hall.

Capital equipment

Grants are provided for us to purchase vital pieces of research equipment so we can continue to produce world class research. Precision research requires sophisticated equipment such as microscopes, incubators and refrigerators. Partners are able to visit our labs to see how their funded equipment is being utilised in the laboratory setting. Find out more about how The Fairbridge Foundation has helped us with equipment.

New innovation

Innovative research and supporting the work of young or new researchers is very important in helping to build new discoveries. It can be difficult for young or new researchers working on breakthrough research to attract significant research funding. Funding cutting-edge research or innovation is a fantastic opportunity to support new research and young researchers. Read more about our partnership with The Balnaves Foundation, which highlights innovation.