Nixon's Story

Nixon's story

You just don't think about babies being born with cancer.

Brodie, Nixon's mum Brodie, Nixon's mum

Just a few weeks before Brodie was due to give birth to Nixon, a scan showed a large lump on his head.

meet Nixon

Meet Nixon


Nixon was born with a tumour the size of Brodie’s fist on his head. Barely one week old, he underwent a five-hour operation to biopsy the tumour. An agonising week went by before Brodie and Nick received the devastating news that their baby boy had cancer. It was an extremely rare and aggressive tumour. Nixon needed to start chemotherapy straight away.

Nixon Diagnosis

I just cried and cried, and then I thought, I can’t keep crying. I’ve just got to pull myself together and deal with it.

Brodie, Nixon's mumBrodie, Nixon's mum


As Brodie and Nick watched from his bedside at The Children’s Hospital Westmead, each day, his tumour started to shrink. It gave them the first real sign that Nixon might pull through. After four gruelling rounds of chemotherapy, Nixon’s tumour was small enough to remove it with surgery. Then followed six more rounds to target any remaining cancer cells.

We had one precious day that we were allowed to go home with Nixon, and then bring him back to start chemotherapy.

Brodie, Nixon's mumBrodie, Nixon's mum

Healing process

Over the course of his short life, Nixon has endured over 30 weeks of harsh chemotherapy and six surgeries. He is still feeling the effects of his treatment, undergoing complicated skin graft procedures to help heal his head wound where the tumour was.

Nixon Healing process

Everything we have been through makes each day special. We have met little kids who haven’t made it, so I am grateful for every day I have with Nixon.

Brodie, Nixon's mumBrodie, Nixon's mum


Juggling three children is hard at the best of times but the 22 weeks Brodie spent at The Children’s Hospital Westmead were some of the most difficult. Nixon is doing well, but he’s not out of the woods yet. The truth is, if Nixon relapses, his chances of survival significantly decrease. That’s why our research, and your help, are so vital.

Nixon Research

Our research directly impacts the survival of children with cancer, but we couldn’t do it without you. Your support is making a huge difference.

Professor Michelle Haber AMProfessor Michelle Haber AM

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