Hon Jillian Gell Skinner


Board and governance

Jillian Skinner has recently retired after six years as NSW Minister for Health and 14 years as Shadow Minister and joined our board in October, 2017. She was also the first stand-alone Minister for Medical Research in NSW.

In those roles Jillian created a more unified health sector by focussing on local decision making, boosting the clinical workforce, a massive investment in infrastructure and provision of record recurrent spending to deliver tens of thousands more emergency department treatments, hospital admissions and elective surgeries.

She was noted for her commitment to health and medical research, particularly her support for innovative treatments arising from new understanding of disease and best models of care. She also championed social policy programs including community based preventive programs, increased organ donation, better access to pain management, improved palliative care and elimination of the transmission of HIV.

Jillian began her career as a journalist in Melbourne, has run her own business, worked in the public sector and served on many community and advisory bodies.