Drug Discovery Centre

The Drug Discovery Centre is a unique facility dedicated to developing new anti-cancer therapeutics, driving research and supporting personalised medicine.

Drug Discovery Centre manager: Greg Arndt

The Drug Discovery Centre helps us uncover drug candidates within days – a process that used to take up to five years.

drug discovery centre

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Drug Discovery Centre for Childhood Cancer supports Australian drug discovery research, providing the cancer and medical research community with access to advanced technology and expertise in high-throughput chemical small molecule screening.

The Drug Discovery Centre houses a sophisticated array of automation equipment including multi-well dispensers, liquid handling robotics, plate reader-based detection systems and a high content screening platform. It comprises over 160,000 small molecules and other boutique compound libraries, using an advanced data management system to integrate biological assay data with chemical compound information.

Drug Discovery Centre services

The Drug Discovery Centre team has the academic and industry experience to provide an array of services. The facility is a key testing platform for the ACRF Child Cancer Personalised Medicine Centre, the operational headquarters for the Zero Childhood Cancer program.

Partners & collaborators

The Drug Discovery Centre has established a network of leading national and international cancer and medical research groups, including UNSW Australia, Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx) and Children's Medical Research Institute at Westmead Hospital.

Equipment & technology

Using advanced technology including robotics and an extensive chemical compound library, the Drug Discovery Centre uncovers new possibilities for scientists looking to develop anti-cancer drugs and conducts drug sensitivity testing for the Zero Childhood Cancer program.

drug-discovery-centre-image video text

Take a video tour of the Drug Discovery Centre to find out more about how we will cure childhood cancer.

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