Volunteer today – change tomorrow.

Giving back to a charity I believe in, drives a sense of deep satisfaction and karmic wellbeing.

nick culpitt nick culpitt
Volunteers at a fundraising event

Volunteering is a fun and easy way to support Children’s Cancer Institute. You will enjoy meeting new people and gaining new skills while knowing you are helping to cure childhood cancer.

Feel free in first instance to check out our Formal Expression of Interest Page, which may include specific Volunteering opportunities.

If nothing is currently listed, please feel free to email our Volunteers team directly attaching a copy of your resume and a paragraph on what type of volunteering opportunity (Office, Research or Events) you would like to express interest in as well as your availability.

Office volunteering

Volunteer your skills at Children’s Cancer Institute’s head office in Randwick, NSW. You will need a ‘working with children’ and criminal check (no expense required).

Office volunteering

Event volunteering

Use your talents and enthusiasm to volunteer your time at one of Children’s Cancer Institute’s events.

Event volunteering


Nick Culpitt

Nick Culpitt

Events & Corporate Volunteer

"Giving back to a charity I believe in, drives a sense of deep satisfaction and karmic wellbeing"

Every year more than 625 children are diagnosed with cancer in Australia and nearly three die every week. These are statistics that are hard to swallow and it’s even harder to comprehend the impact cancer has, or the death of your child could have on your life.

Being part of a team that creates signature events to fundraise and drive donations is a lot of fun! Helping shape social media messages, supporting the creation of fundraising web pages and bringing a corporate view in to the not-for-profit world is eye-opening and instantly satisfying at the same time.

Giving back to a charity I believe in drives a sense of deep satisfaction and karmic wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be a monetary donation as the volunteers I work with and the staff are all deeply appreciative of the efforts of everyone.

There is a sense of purpose at Children's Cancer Institute that is inspiring. Children’s cancer will be cured. It’s not if but when.

I will always make time to come back to the Institute and give back as much as I can in whatever way I can.

If you have a chance to support a cause you believe in then do it. Now is the time. Regret is a wasted emotion. To volunteer and do something for free to benefit others drives a sense of whole within one’s self. I can’t recommend volunteering enough.